South West Balcony South West Corner Vastu Remedy 1: Placement of Heavy Items at An Opening in the Corner. If there are any cuts or openings in the south west corner, especially windows, you need to set up heavy furniture or other items, diluting the negative energy to a certain extent to maintain balance. Placing a Vastu pyramid is also a good initiative. Like this? more info Lounge-style balcony furniture is therefore the perfect choice for west-facing balconies. Create a cosy retreat with cushioned furniture, lanterns and a table for beer or after-work cocktails. Because it can get really warm on west-facing balconies in the summer, avoid metal furniture (same as for south-facing balconies). One must avoid a house with a balcony in the south-west or south direction. • Having a water fountain in the north-east side of the terrace can increase positivity in the house. • If the sitting area is to be made on the terrace then south-west side should be used to keep furniture. The placement of the balcony depends on its location in relation to the buildingu0027s other rooms. As per Vastu Shastra, the North-East direction is best suited for balconies. Different favourable directions are West, South-West or North-West. You should ideally avoid placing a balcony in the Southwest corner. South-West Vastu Dosh & Remedies - Vastu Shastra Tips For Balcony - InstaAstro Which Direction Should My Balcony Face? (Pros and Cons) 15 South West Corner Vastu Remedies - MagicBricks 15 Best Balcony Plants - Apartment Balcony Plant Ideas - Country Living A south-facing balcony is ideal, but a west- or east-facing one will also do. If your balcony is shady, consider hanging feng shui crystals or wind chimes to bring in more light and energy. Use Plants and Flowers To Add Color and Life to the Balcony. Adding plants and flowers to your balcony is a great way to add color and life to the space. Vastu Tips for a perfect Balcony and Chajja - DecorChamp Buy Top Products On eBay. Money Back Guarantee! Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This Is The New eBay. Find Great Deals Now! What are the plants for south facing balcony garden? The answer is simple, all the plants that love to grow in full sun. If you own a South facing balcony, you are luckier than those who have north facing balconies. You can build richest compositions with myriads of plant because the choices of plants that like such space are enormous. Vastu Balcony Tips: Vastu Principles for Your Balcony - NoBroker vastu. According to vastu, the south to south-west direction can either bring you luck, or drain your wealth. Dr Raviraj Ahirrao, co-founder, Vastu Raviraj talks about how having an entrance in these directions can be beneficial and also disastrous. Letu0027s find out how. By Dr Raviraj Ahirrao. 5 January 2020. Print. Share. The Southwest entrance is considered inauspicious as per Vastu Shatra. It believes a house in this direction can attract negative energies and misfortune. Here are effective remedies to cure Southwest facing house Vastu dosh. Table of Contents. Vastu tips for the balcony and terrace - Architectural Digest India 30 Plants for the South Facing Balcony — Best Guide [2024] - Plantophiles 7 Feng Shui Tips for the Balcony - Green Feng Life Southwest-facing balcony Vastu remedies. Though it is best to avoid an open balcony in the South-West, one can reduce Vastu dosha by covering the South-West balcony with sliding windows. South-West windows should be smaller in size as compared to those in the North or East. Hang yellow or golden curtains on the window. South West Vastu Dosha: The Remedy: 1: Toilet in South West: Place a Vastu Pyramid on the outside toilet wall in the South West corner. Make sure to keep the door of the toilet closed at all times. Vastu Tip: As per vastu shastra, you must keep toilet doors closed at all times. You can read our article on toilet vastu shastra tips to know more ... 30 Potted Plants for West-Facing Balcony . Geranium; Cherry Tomatoes; Petunias; Begonia; Sweet Potato Vines; Vinca; Marigold; Hibiscus; Morning Glory; Fuchsia; Strawberries; Lavender; Verbena; Jasmine; Zinnias; Lantana; Mint; Mecardonias; Boxwoods; Caladium Aaron; Silver saw palmetto; Mandevilla; Sunpatiens; English ivy; Dwarf papyrus ... Having a balcony in the South or West can be tricky. You should have a balcony in the South or South-East of the house if thereu0027s an equally big balcony in the opposite direction too. Balcony roof. A gable roof balcony as per vastu. 7+ Vastu Tips for a South-West Facing House - Livspace South west north balcony - GARDENA According to vastu, south-west direction can bring you luck, or the ... Southwestern Balcony Ideas. All Filters (2) Style (2) Size. Color. Specialty. Cover. Railing Material. Refine by: Budget. Sort by: Popular Today. 1 - 20 of 191 photos. Southwestern Shabby-Chic Style Clear All. Save Photo. Spanish Colonial Revival. Dibello Architects, PLLC. 30 Potted Plants for West-Facing Balcony — Best Guide [2024] West- and south-facing are best for those who want to spend time in direct sunlight, whereas north is best for those who like shade. East-facing balconies are ideal for early risers who might not want to tan in the afternoon. The best direction for a balcony is your placeu0027s East, North, or North-East parts. These are the best directions because these places get the morning and afternoon sun rays. However, a balcony in the South or West direction is quite tricky. To optimize a south-facing balcony, itu0027s recommended to use Vastu remedies such as placing a Vastu pyramid or wind chimes to neutralize the negative energy. West-facing balconies : Balconies facing the west direction are also not considered ideal according to Vastu principles. Balcony Vastu: Design, decoration tips and remedies - 75 Southwestern Balcony Ideas Youu0027ll Love - August, 2023 - Houzz South West Facing House and Main Entrance - MagicBricks Balcony Screen On eBay - Fantastic Prices On Balcony Screen A small space with huge potential, southwestern balconies are the unsung heroes of the exterior design world. A balcony has the ability to beautify an otherwise boring facade and up a homeu0027s curb appeal while simultaneously housing a garden, workout area, storage unit or reading nook. 75 Southwestern Balcony Ideas Youu0027ll Love - February, 2024 - Houzz South West Corner Vastu- Vastu Remedies for Southwest Entrance 8 Vastu Tips for Balcony In Your Home - MagicBricks Vastu Tips for Balconies & Projections | Dr. Smita Narang 887. 37K views 2 years ago #BalconyVastu. Vastu Tips for Balconies & Projections as explained by Dr. Smita. In this video know about the directions where balconies are good and where they are... Here is a selection of magnificent outdoor south-facing plants you can grow on your balcony: 30 Plants for the South Facing Balcony. Jasmine flower. Verbena. Marigold. Four o clock. Chrysanthemum. Roses. Chamomile. Sedum. Nepeta. Euphorbia Caracius. Pittosporums. Basil. Parsley. Dill. Rosemary. Lavender. Oregano. Sage. Thyme. Bay Laurel. Mint. Balcony As Per Vastu - Chechout the 9 Vastu Tips for Balconies Plants for South Facing Balcony Garden Some effective remedies for a South West window or balcony: Hang some yellow or golden color curtains on the window. The curtains must be very thick so that no amount of radiation can enter the house. An effective remedy for a South West balcony is to place some pebbles or crystals to counter the negative effects. South-West Facing House Vastu Tip #7: The Balcony. Make sure your balcony receives a lot of sunlight. The health of women in your house is positively impacted if you make a balcony in the north, east or north-east part of your home. Also make sure that there is enough sunlight flooding your balcony. You can grow beautiful plants even if you donu0027t have a backyard. With these best balcony plants, including hibiscus, hydrangea, and more, your apartment balcony will look lovely and lush. Keep furniture in the south or west corners of the balcony if your balcony is facing southwest. Choose furniture which are square in shape and colours which are yellow, cream, beige, and rust. Consider reading about sleeping direction as per vastu

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