Hf Balcony Antenna The Outback 2000 antenna might be a great antenna under certain circumstances. If you wanted to use it from the balcony, I'd suggest mounting it at a 45⁰ off the rail, but electrically isolated from the rail, then use the rail as ground/counterpoise. One option is to simply load up your balcony as an antenna, or the fire escape if you are near one. That's an old ham radio trick, going back to long before I was a ham. There are "windowsill verticals" you can use, fed against the balcony. Antenna for small balcony - Amateur Radio Stack Exchange Portable Antenna Options For HF - Off Grid Ham BALCONY ANTENNA by SM0VPO - Altervista HF on a tiny balcony -- ideas ? : r/amateurradio - Reddit HF Portable Stealth Antennas | DX Engineering Apartment/Balcony Antenna for HF : r/amateurradio - Reddit HF balcony antennas : r/HamRadio - Reddit Ham Radio Antennas For Apartments • AmateurRadio.com Mobile HF Antennas in Europe's Largest Selection - WiMo more info MFJ MFJ-1622 MFJ 1622 Apartment Antennas | DX Engineering 7 courtyard or balcony HF antenna ideas for small spaces So if you have a balcony where you can install an antenna, there are several choices. Let's review some of the issues facing apartment dwellers. Full size antennas for HF are not viable for apartments due to space restrictions. MFJ 1622 Apartment Antennas let you operate HF on 40 through 10-meters and also VHF on 6 and 2-meters with a single antenna! Their universal mounting clamp lets you easily mount them outdoors to window sills, balconies, railings, and so on. An HF antenna like an off centre dipole is going to need legs of 45yards and 15yards so that's hardly going to sit on the top of your window frame. If your radio is a VHF FM then we're in a totally different ball game. kholia/HF-Balcony-Antenna-System - GitHub Simple Balcony HF Antenna: By: Alexsander Kovalevskiy, RN6LW The antenna was made on a plastic fishing pole in 4.5- meter length.... PDF file, 220 KB (ANTENTOP-01-2019, pp.:27- 28) Simple Balcony HF Antenna_023 Get the free Small HF Antennas VU3CER's 'HF Balcony Antenna System' is a Portable, Reproducible, 100% resonant, Simple, Stealth, Take + Erect Anywhere Antenna System. This Antenna System is built around an efficient, resonant, robust, convenient, and easy 49:1 EFHW (End-Fed Half-Wave) antenna at the core. Grounding a vertical antenna from a balcony - Amateur Radio Stack Exchange I live in an apartment in Seattle, and I've just about figured out 2m, but I'm about to buy an HF rig and I'm struggling to come up with a good solution for HF antennas. Here are a few of my constraints : - I really want to operate at least 10m, 15m, 20m. You will not be able to get a decent HF antenna in your situation. Whatever you choose will be a serious compromise - yes - you might make a few contacts on FT-8 but signal strength reception and your signal strength from a very shortened balcony stick or mag loop will be very poor. Live in a townhouse, apartment or villa? That doesn't mean you can't play HF. Watch for ideas on HF antennas in small spaces. MFJ-1622,APARTMENT ANTENNA, HF, 40M-2M | MFJ Enterprises Inc Joys of balcony HF whips. I lived in a second-floor apartment as a young graduate in Canberra. There was no access to the ground or roof but I did have a private balcony. On that I had a couple of antennas. The most successful was a 1.5m long mobile whip for 28 MHz. HF Ham Radio Antennas For Apartments - IW5EDI Brand New Hf Vhf Antenna On eBay - Great Deals On Hf Vhf Antenna My Simple Balcony Antenna - SWHarden.com We offer a massive selection of HF portable stealth antennas, including dipole, vertical dipole, loaded vertical, telescoping, whip, and wire antennas. Great for city lots, apartments, and other limted-space setups, these portable stealth antennas deliver maximum performance from minimal space. Suggestion? HF Balcony Antenna : r/HamRadio - Reddit I would personally suggest obtaining a 2 meter (or 2 m/70 cm) ground-plane type antenna, with horizontal radials, and mounting it just above the edge of your railing, in the middle horizontally. This should minimize the effect any metal in your building has on the antenna. 7 Courtyard or Balcony HF Antenna Ideas - Simple Ham Radio Antennas BALCONY ANTENNA by Harry Lythall - SM0VPO. Many amateurs are very restricted with the space they have available for HF antennas. I have documented a short antenna for the HF bands, but here is a simple method of mounting it, and a method of further reducing the physical length. Peter explores 7 simple HF antenna designs that will allow you to operate on most HF ham bands at minimal expense. While these small-space antennas aren't too efficient, they will allow you to get on the air and make contacts. This Apartment Antenna lets you operate 40 through 10 Meters on HF and 6 and 2 Meters on VHF with a single antenna! Its universal mount/clamp lets you easily attach it to window frames, balconies, and railings. It also works great indoors mounted to a desk, table, or bookshelf. Apartment HF antennas that work. Amateur radio and apartment living do not mix. Or do they? It's true that your antenna choices are much more limited than if you had a separate house on land. But in many cases you can still get on air. Having your own open balcony helps. I discussed balcony antennas last month . A full-size antenna (1/4 to 1/2 wavelength long/tall) is not feasible for most apartment dwellers on HF. The antenna must be this size in order for it to be near resonance. However, there are ways to achieve resonance with smaller antennas by using loading methods that electrically lengthen an antenna while keeping it physically short. My Simple Balcony Antenna. November 29, 2010. amateur radio. I've been using a new HF antenna recently with surprisingly good results. Hopefully this page will be encouraging to those in apartments with severe antenna restrictions. Free Shipping On eBay more info small hf balcony antenna project. Listed under the Antennas/Stealth category that is about Hidden and stealth antennas. Edit, Fill & eSign PDF Documents Online. No Downloads Needed. Get Started Now. Best PDF Fillable Form Builder. Professional Toolset. Quick and Simple. Subscribe for more If the antenna is on a balcony, then you probably have wires or pipes in the walls that are within a wavelength or two of the antenna, unless you only operate at UHF or higher frequencies. These nearby conductors may "de-tune" the antenna and change the pattern and/or the SWR. The Daily Antenna: Joys of balcony HF whips In our WiMo store you will find mobile shortwave antennas that can still be used in tight spaces. Whether you are looking for a mobile solution for the car, the balcony, a small garden or another application with little space, it does not matter. I've tried most options and after 3 summers of various antennas, finally found my solution with a commercial end-fed 40-10 antenna from MyAntennas. The transformer assures a match with NO antenna tuner needed and it's not at all fussy about height. HF Balcony antenna : Resource Detail - The DXZone Antenna needed for HF- but in apartment - RadioReference.com Forums The Daily Antenna: Apartment HF antennas that work - Blogger

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