What Is A Spite Fence NOLO's Plain English Law Dictionary defines a spite fence like this: "An unsightly fence erected for no other purpose than to irritate a neighbor." Usually they're constructed of wood or metal, but trees or shrubs can be used to similar effect. Statutes. Spite fences are nothing new. Nor are spite fence statutes. Unveiling California Fence Law: Know Your Rights and Regulations This is a fence that a person installs that doesn't serve a legitimate purpose but rather is set up to deprive a neighboring property owner of his or her rights. Examples of things a spite fence might directed towards include blocking a homeowner's view or closing off access to a roadway. completely puzzling or perplexing. strictly required, as by etiquette, usage, or fashion. TAKE THE QUIZ TO FIND OUT. Origin of spite fence. 1. An Americanism dating back to 1895-1900. Words Nearby spite fence. spitballer. spitchcock. spit curl. spite fence. spiteful. spitfire. Spite Fences: What They Are & What You Can Do About Them Spite fences are fences constructed purely to annoy a neighbor. They're usually tall, ugly, or both. Spite fences are typically made of metal or wood, but they can also be made up of trees or shrubs. If your neighbor constructs a spite fence, possibly making the neighborhood look terrible and calling attention to the property, what should you do? According to California Legislative Information, a spite fence is any fence put up by one person to annoy another person. Typically, the people are neighbors. The erection of the fence is a malicious act that only serves the purpose of making the other party upset and impacting his or her enjoyment of his or her own home in a negative way ... Spite fence Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster What is a spite fence and what should you do about one? Spite Fences - Greenacre Law, LLC spite fence | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute Spite fences are grudges materialized, rearing high above gardens and nixing sunlight, views, and even that sweet afternoon breeze. And guess what? These barriers transcend the boundaries of your everyday wooden pickets and galvanized steel. Looking for Fences? We have almost everything on eBay. Fast and Free Shipping on many items you love on eBay. Definition of 'spite fence' spite fence in American English. noun. a wall or fence erected solely to annoy one's neighbor or lower the value of his or her property. Most material © 2005, 1997, 1991 by Penguin Random House LLC. Modified entries © 2019 by Penguin Random House LLC and HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. Word origin. [ 1895-1900, Amer.] What Is a Spite Fence? - Home Garden Guides What's a Spite Fence and What Can I Do About the One My ... - Nolo What Can I Do About My Neighbor's "Spite Fence" In Michigan? The purpose of these fences is to antagonize a neighbor, especially out of spite. What Is a Spite Fence? In Oklahoma, a spite fence is an illegal fence erected for no real purpose other than to annoy a neighbor. There can also be more tangible consequences for spite fences, such as diminishing a neighbor's property value. A spite fence is a fence that is built for the sole purpose of annoying your neighbor. Most spite fences are ugly, built way too high for code, and don't serve any reasonable or useful purpose. They may be designed to "block you out of our view forever," or they may be designed to "punish" you for some perceived slight. A spite fence is a fence (whether a division fence or otherwise) built maliciously, with the sole purpose or intent of annoying, injuring, or spiting an adjoining owner (commonly a neighbor). For example, a spite fence might block the neighbor's view or obstruct the passage and enjoyment of light or air. spite fence. noun. : an unsightly fence or wall that serves no useful purpose, is so constructed as to be an injury to adjoining property, and is erected and maintained maliciously for the purpose of injuring a neighbor (as by obstructing unreasonably his air, light, or view) Love words? A spite fence is one that is designed to be unsightly. It has no purpose and is not useful, but it has been built specifically to harm your property value. There is a level of malicious intent in this construction; i.e., it was built out of spite. Spite Fence - Words From Your Neighborhood | Merriam-Webster What is a "spite fence" in Connecticut? - The Malowitz Law Firm, LLC What Is A 'Spite Fence' (And What You Can Do About It) more info In property law, a spite fence is an overly tall fence or a row of trees, bushes, or hedges, constructed or planted between adjacent lots by a property owner (with no legitimate purpose), who is annoyed with or wishes to annoy a neighbor, or who wishes to completely obstruct the view between lots. SPITE FENCE definition in American English | Collins English Dictionary Spite Fences: When is a tree a fence? Just because you don't like the way your neighbor's fence blocks your view or its garish pink paintjob doesn't make it unlawful (although if you have an HOA, you might have recourse through your association). Spite fence - Wikipedia What is a spite fence and what can you do about it? What is a Spite Fence? With Fence Gnome. Defining a Spite Fence. Simply, a spite fence is a fence erected with the specific goal of annoying or "spiting" a neighbor. A spite fence is of little or no beneficial use to the owner. Its intended purpose, then, is to agitate or make a neighbor or neighbors uncomfortable. Fences Sold Direct - Fences Just as the name suggests, a spite fence is one erected or maintained for the purpose of annoying a neighbor. It is usually ugly and imposing and can be made of wood, metal, or trees. The fence has nothing to do with security or privacy, but it may block your view, shade your pool or just look plain ugly. SPITE FENCE Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com A spite fence is any fence or barrier intended to annoy the neighbor, and serves no purpose to the builder. In California they are governed by Civil Code Section 841.4. The most famous spite fence on California real estate was Charles Crocker's 40 footer on Nob Hill in 1879. What is a "spite fence"? A "spite fence," under Connecticut law, is a "malicious erection of a structure." In other words, if you erect a fence or barrier on your property that affects your neighbors' property value or quality of life, you may be liable to them in some cases. What is a spite fence? | BDG Law Group an impermissible spite fence which can be a nuisance. So what the heck is a spite fence? It is a fence that is over ten feet in height that is built on or near the property line with the intent to harm the neighboring property owner. California Civil Code Section 841.4 states: Any fence or other structure in the nature of a fence unnecessarily Definition - an unsightly fence or wall that serves no useful purpose, is so constructed as to be an injury to adjoining property, and is erected and maintained maliciously for the purpose of injuring a neighbor (as by obstructing unreasonably his air, light, or view) In the United States, the term "spite fence" refers to an overly tall fence or some other barrier (e.g. row of trees or hedges) that is erected between two lots with no legitimate purpose other than to annoy the neighbor. In California, What Is A Spite Fence, and What Is Needed To Get An ... What is a Spite Fence? 2024 Homeowners Guide Spite fences, defined as height maliciously erected fences that might harm neighbors, are strictly regulated under California law. The California Civil Code prohibits the construction of such fences, as they can create a private nuisance or nuisances and negatively impact the quality of neighboring properties. Essentially, a spite fence is just an overly built fence that was designed specifically to be a nuisance to someone else on their own property. Spite fences are those that are unnecessarily more than ten feet high, as defined by California law. PDF What The Heck Is A Spite Fence - cdn.lawlytics.com What is a spite fence? | Goode | Hemme What is a "Spite" Fence?

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