Avon Stringer Balcony The balcony. Found this clip again and it's been years since I watched. I remember reading some stuff on here that was interesting, but couldn't find it. So what's all the context to this again? Avon has already sent Omar and Mouzone after Stringer, and Stringer already set up for the cops to get Avon? WireLover2. 32.7K subscribers. 3.5M views 14 years ago. ...more. While getting a haircut, Avon gets a surprise visit from Brother Mouzone about Stringer Bell's actions. The Wire. 'Way Down in the Hole': The Fallout Between Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell. Jemele and Van break down Episode 8 of the third season of 'The Wire'. By Jemele Hill and Van Lathan Aug... What do you think is the best scene from the series? : r/TheWire - Reddit The Balcony scene : r/TheWire - Reddit The Wire - Brother Mouzone Confronts Avon - YouTube Doux Reviews: The Wire: Middle Ground Check Out Avon Supplies On eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color Today! The Real-Life Inspiration For The Wire's Avon Barksdale - /Film After rewatching The Wire, I think it's safe to say Stringer>Avon. Stringer vs Avon - who was right? : r/TheWire - Reddit The Best (And Most Important) 'The Wire' Episodes, Ranked Stringer telling Avon the truth about what happened to D. From Season 3 Episode 8.Clip is property of HBO, All rights reserved. Avon was much colder and business oriented than Stringer Bell. Here is a scene where the two are reminiscing on the balcony in one scene, but then we learn that Avon set up the hit on Stringer; because he knew that Stringer had to go. Look at fukking surprised that Stringer is when he learns that Avon gave him up. Stringer had no words. Avon and stringer on the balcony. Mcnulty and Omar talking on the bench Edit: not sure if anyone pointed this out, but I meant mcnulty and bodie, not Omar. However Bunk and Omar on the becnh is also a very solid scene. comments. Best. Add a Comment. HoldenNevermore • 4 yr. ago. Hard to select among such a large selection of top-quality scenes. Brohams In a culminating scene, the two share a moment on the balcony of Avon's penthouse apartment, overlooking the Baltimore skyline. Unbeknownst to Avon, Stringer has already contacted Major Colvin with information regarding Avon's weapons safe house. Avon and Stringer (Spoiler) : r/TheWire - Reddit Breaking Down the Famous Balcony Scene in "Middle Ground" And the intensity ratchets up even further in the pair's final scene together (the best scene in the best episode of the best show?), with the balcony of Avon's apartment acting as a... In the third season, when Avon and Stringer are on the balcony for their last time together reminiscing about their rise to gangsters, there's a sense between the two of them that things are ending between them. Become An Ambassador - Join Avon Now For $0 more info Breaking Down the Famous Balcony Scene in "Middle Ground". Bill Simmons joins the conversation to discuss the interaction between Stringer and Avon in S3E11. Jemele Hill and Van Lathan react... Why did Stringer hesitate... : r/TheWire - Reddit Major spoiler: When Stringer is going to be shot by Brother and Omar, Omar says that Stringer's boy gave him up. The night before, Avon asked about where/when Stringer was going to be and presumably gave him up to Omar, especially since we saw Brother and Avon talking before at the barber shop. Avon offers to pay for Stringer's actions with money. Brother Mouzone tells Avon that money will not settle the debt and that Avon must give up Stringer in order to maintain his word and reputation and, thus, continue dealing with New York. Avon is forced to give up Stringer to appease Mouzone and maintain his business contact. The penultimate episode of Season 3 is best known for the scene where Omar and Brother Mouzone take the life of Stringer Bell. Before they do, they inform Stringer of Avon's betrayal. What makes this episode such a gem is the conversation on the balcony between Stringer and Avon beforehand. Sign Up For $0 And Receive Discounts On All Your Favorite Beauty Products. Become An Avon Ambassador To Receive Discounts, Earnings And More Perks! The Wire / Fridge - TV Tropes The Wire - Avon and Stringer's Rooftop Reminiscing : r/TheWire - Reddit The balcony : r/TheWire - Reddit Middle Ground (The Wire) - Wikipedia The Balcony scene. When Avon and Stringer were on the balcony reminiscing about the early days and they are saying their good byes ... Avon asks Stringer 'where you going to be tomorrow' ... Stringer hesitates, even stutters a bit before telling Avon where he will be at noon the next day. Remember when Avon and Stringer were in Avon's apartment on the balcony? Stringer said he couldn't drink too much because he had a meeting the next day and Avon said "where you gonna be tomorrow? " Stringer hesitated a long moment. Why did Stringer hesitate but still gave Avon the answer? I pulled more for Avon. Stringer started losing his way. Went behind Avon's back with killing D and taking Prop Joe's package. Also trying to set up Omar and Brother Mouzone. Stringer realizes his disconnect from Avon when Shamrock tell him Slim Charles hired new muscle. more info 1 Answer. Sorted by: 6. "Oh, and that other thing, them two hitters you asked after, they good with it" - Shamrock. He's not referring to hitters for Avon. You're correct that Stringer was selling out Avon (to clarify, I don't believe Stringer actually technically sold information to Bunny, just rats Avon out instead). 569K views 13 years ago. Avon and Stringer reminisce about their youth and chat about Marlo Stanfield. Contains the episode's epigraph "We ain't gotta dream no more, man." (Season 3, Episode 11... The Wire: String vs. Avon Intense Scene - YouTube 'Way Down in the Hole': The fallout between Avon and Stringer - The Ringer The Wire - Avon and Stringer balcony scene - YouTube Stringer's betrayal of Avon to Colvin is all in defense of his middle ground even as Bell can sense it unraveling. It is an ultimately fruitless gamble. It would be hard to top for sheer quality of writing, acting and irony the scene of Avon and Stringer on the balcony looking out at the city they have "conquered," each having betrayed the ... Why The Wire Is The Best TV Show Of All Time - Screen Rant 'The Wire' Rewind: Season 3, Episode 11 - 'Middle Ground ... - UPROXX Avon Supplies Sold Direct On eBay - Fantastic Prices On Avon Supplies The Wire - Avon and Stringer's Rooftop Reminiscing - YouTube plot explanation - Did Stringer Bell plan on having Avon killed ... Avon is released far earlier than the police expected at the beginning of season 3 and resumes his partnership with the ambitious and cold-hearted Stringer Bell (Idris Elba). The Wire - Avon and Stringer's Rooftop Reminiscing. We ain't gotta dream no more. One of the best lines from that scene. Can be taken in two ways which is kind of bittersweet. You could interpret it as they ain't gotta dream no more because they finally have everything they need. In the other aspect they ain't gotta dream no more in the fact ... Stringer's inability to shut down Avon's war with Marlo has severed the organization's relationship with the co-op, and that in turn has placed Avon in a vulnerable enough position that... The Wire re-up: season three, episode 11 - Stringer surrounded

Avon Stringer Balcony

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